Tag Libraries

  • JSPTags.com Pager Tag Library
    Flexible way to implement paging of large data sets. Emulates all currently known paging styles with minimal effort. Includes eight re-usable index styles emulating GoogleSM, AltaVista®, Yahoo! and more. Dynamically organize your data set into pages with a browsable index having virtually any look desired.
  • Jakarta Application Taglib
    The Application custom tag library contains tags which can be used to access information contained in the ServletContext for a web application.
  • Jakarta BSF Taglib
    The Bean Scripting Framework is integrates scripting languages such as JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, Tcl, Python, NetRexx and Rexx.
  • Jakarta DateTime Taglib
    Tags for date and time related functions such as formatting, parsing from form input, using time zones and localization.
  • Jakarta I18N Taglib
    Contains tags that help manage the complexity of creating internationalized web applications.
  • Jakarta Input Taglib
    Generates HTML form elements that preset their values from the ServletRequest.
  • Jakarta JDBC Taglib
    The JDBC custom tag library contains tags which can be used to read from and write to an SQL database.
  • Jakarta JNDI Taglib
    The JNDI Tag Library creates an instance of a javax.naming.Context based on the values of the attributes providing some of the standard values. In addition to the System properties and the jndi.properties, some standard properties are scanned in the pageContext attributes.
  • Jakarta JSP Spec Taglib
    Working examples of the tags described in the JavaServerPages specification, Version 1.1.
  • Jakarta Mailer Taglib
    Used to send e-mail.
  • Jakarta Page Taglib
    The Page custom tag library contains tags which can be used to access all the information about the PageContext for a JSP page.
  • Jakarta Request Taglib
    Tags which can be used to access all the information about the HTTP request for a JSP page.
  • Jakarta Response Taglib
    Tags which can be used to set all the information for an HTTP response for a JSP page.
  • Jakarta Rexexp Taglib
    Tags which can be used to perform Perl syntax regular expressions.
  • Jakarta SQL Taglib
    Implementation of the SQL tags discussed in Section A.2.1 and A.2.2 of the JavaServer Pages 1.1 Specification.
  • Jakarta Scrape Taglib
    The scrape tag library can scrape or extract content from web documents and display the content in your JSP. For example, you could scrape stock quotes from other web sites and display them in your pages.
  • Jakarta Session Taglib
    Tags for reading or modifying client HttpSession information.
  • Jakarta Utility Taglib
    Examples of some basic tags. It illustrates several custom tag library code techniques.
  • Jakarta XSL Taglib
    Tags to process XML documents with an XSL stylesheet and insert it in place.
  • Jakarta/Struts Bean Tags
    Tags useful in accessing beans and their properties, as well as defining new beans (based on these accesses) that are accessible to the remainder of the page via scripting variables and page scope attributes. Convenient mechanisms to create new beans based on the value of request cookies, headers, and parameters are also provided.
  • Jakarta/Struts HTML Tags
    Tags for HTML, error messages, hyperlinking and internationalization.
  • Jakarta/Struts Logic Tags
    Tags that are useful in managing conditional generation of output text, looping over object collections for repetitive generation of output text, and application flow management.
  • Jakarta/Struts Template Tags
    Three tags: put, get, and insert. Put tags put content into request scope, which is retrieved by a get tag in a different JSP page (the template). That template is included with the insert tag.
  • BEA WebLogic Portal JSP Tag Libraries
    Includes Portal Tag Reference, Portal Administration Tag Reference, Portal Utilities Tag Reference and WebLogic Utilities Tag Reference.
  • Blaze Tag Library
    Part of Blaze Software Advisor Innovator. Provides a ready-to-use set of call tags to allow developers to map HTML page data entities to Blaze Advisor Innovator objects, conditions, and actions.
  • Coldjava Bar Chart Taglib
    JSP tags generate horizontal or vertical bar charts
  • Coldjava Cache Off Taglib
    Switch off cache control. Tag updates response header. For WAP clients tag generates a list of appropriate meta tags you must include into head section of your wml document.
  • Coldjava Cache Taglib
    Cache tag supports dynamic caching of JSP content.
  • Coldjava Cookie Taglib
    Supports operations with cookies.
  • Coldjava Copy Tag
    Copies tag body into page scope variable.
  • Coldjava DateTime Taglib
    Prints formatted date/time value and can also store formatted date Strings in the page scope.
  • Coldjava Escape Taglib
    JSP tags useful for WAP/WML developers – converts on the fly HTML to WML
  • Coldjava File Taglib
    This library supports manipulations with server side files.
  • Coldjava HttpRequest Taglib
    Allows you to send GET/POST requests to a specified host (cgi-script/servlet) and process the results.
  • Coldjava ID Tag
    Calculates unique ID.
  • Coldjava LastModified Tag
    Calculates ‘last modified’ time for the current document
  • Coldjava Link Taglib
    Renders a HTML hyperlink (<a> tag) to the specified URL. Tag supports sessions, so URL rewriting will be added automatically.
  • Coldjava Optimize Taglib
    Body tag Suppress filters unnecesary spaces and line breaks.
  • Coldjava POP Taglib
    Tags to read and display mail from a POP server
  • Coldjava Portal Taglib
    Generates a “standard” portal view as a set of columns from the given pages (portlets).
  • Coldjava Random Tag
    Calculates integer random value within the given interval.
  • Coldjava Redirect Tag
    Redirects control to the specified URL with support for session ID encoding.
  • Coldjava Sendmail Taglib
    Body tag Sendmail lets you to send mail through smtp host.
  • Coldjava Skip Tag
    just skips the rest of your page.
  • Coldjava String Taglib
    Features String manipulation, interpolation and extraction.
  • Coldjava WAP/DTD Taglib
    Writes a standard WAP DTD header for your wml file.
  • Coldjava WAP/WML Taglib
    JSP tags library for WAP/WML developers. This library lets you to combine within one JSP page different parts of code – for normal browser and for WAP browser.
  • Coldjava ifTags
    Conditional evaluation, flow-control tags.
  • DAPACT (Data Aware Processing And Control Tags)
    Tags for simplifying the display of dynamic content in JSP pages. It focuses on retrieving data to be displayed, iterating over that data, and in providing control tags for changing what displays.
  • DbForms Rapid Application Development
    Database application development framework/toolkit
  • Example JSP Tags from the book Web Development with JavaServer Pages
    Includes conditional, formatting and debugging JSP Tags.
  • File Tag Library
    Alternative to jsp:include
  • Form Tag Library
    Tag Library to assist in building forms
  • Gefion Software InstantOnline Basic for JSP, Technology Preview
    InstantOnline Basic for JSP is the next generation of Gefion Software’s popular server side components for web application development.
  • Goodtech JSP Tag Library, aka gt:taglib
    Implements flow-control tags such as includeif, excludeif and iterate.
  • IN16 JSP Tag Library
    Providing libraries of Open Source JSP Tags for use within any web applications that use Java Server Pages. Includes htmltags, exttags, mailtags, view, formtags, filetags and cachetags.
    Provides real time mapping of IP addresses to countries. Can determine if the IP address is from an academic institute like a university or college. Also provides functions to handle country codes and country names in HTML forms.
  • JRun Custom Tag Library
    Features include database queries, transactions, asynchronous message sending/receiving, e-mail processing, XML transformations, and Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) resource lookups.
  • Log Tag Library
    JSP tag-level access to Log4J, (originally named Debug Tag Library)
  • Math Tag Library
    Expression Handler and Figure to Word Tag
  • Mediasofx Intag
    A collection of Java custom tags with the goal to provide a standard set of tags for server-side development using Java.
  • Monowai JSPFrame
    JSP Tag based framework with support for stateful forms, data caching and reporting.
  • OpenSymphony OSCache Taglib
    Features fast in-memory caching, persistent on-disk caching, simple tag library, exception handling, cache flushing and portable caching.
  • OpenSymphony OSContent Taglib
    Tag library that enables you to quickly build web sites based on the OpenSymphony backend.
  • OpenSymphony SiteMesh Taglib
    Tag library that enables you to build web sites based on the OpenSymphony SiteMesh web-page layout system.
  • Oracle BC4J Data Tags
    Tag library with support for managing Application Module connections, presenting, navigating and editing BC4J data, building databound HTML Forms.
  • Orion EJB Taglib
    Actions for interfacing with EJBs
  • Orion Util Taglib
    Utility actions such as iterating constructs and similar
  • PBP Custom Tag Library
    Library for templates and internationalization. It offers browser and server based formatting and validation of internationalized numbers, dates and times.
  • Sosnoski Property Value Taglib
    Provides basic support for working with named property values and row sets.
  • Sosnoski Site Building Taglib
    Supports the use of an XML site definition file to define the structure of a web site.
  • Standard Tag Library (Specification)
    An ongoing effort to define a standard tag library that handles common functions such as connecting to directories and databases and the iteration and looping functions required to display database tables.
  • Transform Tag Library
    Transforms text from one format to another.
  • View Tag Library
    Escapes some of the HTML signal characters (the opening and closing brackets, and the ampersand symbol). Deprecated in favor of the Transform Tag Library
  • Virtuas jTag
    Tags for LDAP, Credit Card, Flow, Object, Output and SQL
  • Virtuas jTagWireless
    Tags for WAP development
  • Web Weaver
    JSP Tags for data-driven applications.
  • WebCompass
    A JSP 1.1 taglib to aid in web site organization and navigation
  • WebWork
    Web application framework for J2EE based on a concept called “Pull HMVC” (Pull Hierarchical Model View Controller). Includes tag libraries.
  • Woolox 2D
    Generates dynamic images in PNG, JPEG and WBMP.
  • Woolox Chart Library
    Generates dynamic charts in PNG, JPEG, BMP and WBMP image formats.
  • iPlanet JSP Tag Summary
    These JSP tags are included as part of iPlanet Application Server.
  • iPortal Server JSP Tags
    These JSP tags are included as part of IONA Technologies iPortal Server.