News : Tomcat 4.0 Milestone 3 released

October 20, 2000
Tomcat 4.0 milestone 3 released

Compared to milestone 2, a number of new features have been added, and a large number of bugs have been fixed.


News : Apache 1.3.14 released

October 13, 2000
The Apache Group is pleased to announce the release of the 1.3.14 version of the Apache HTTP server. The main improvements in this release are to fix security vulnerabilities in the mod_vhost_alias and mod_rewrite modules. Apache 1.3.14 is the best version of Apache currently available; everyone running 1.2.X servers or earlier should upgrade to 1.3, as there will not be any further 1.2.X releases. At present, the Win32 port of Apache is not as stable as the UNIX version.


News : WebMacro 0.94 released

October 13, 2000
WebMacro 0.94 is now a completely pluggable framework, which loads all of its core components from a configuration file. Thus you can change how templates are loaded, what syntax is available within a page, how templates are parsed, and most everything else.


News : Tomcat 4.0 milestone 2 released

October 10, 2000
Tomcat 4.0 milestone 2 released

Compared to Milestone 1, this version has significant new features and bug fixes.

New Features
New Class Loader Structure
Locale To Character Set Mapping
New Configuration Component in SERVER.XML
Developer Document Added
JMX Management Capability
New Deployer Interface
New Manager Web Application
Single Sign On Support
Jasper Support for PropertyEditors
Jasper Logs to ServletContext.log()
Jasper Expanded Acceptance of XML Syntax

News : JBoss BETA PROD 02 released

October 5, 2000
JBoss BETA PROD 02 is now considered to be production ready.

New features include:

New cache with improved performance
Better inVM integration with Tomcat
Integration with CastorJDO, CocoBase (in the contrib module)
Enhanced Transaction management
Implemented UserTransaction
… and much more