News : Virtuas Solutions Jtag and Jtagwireless

March 16, 2001
Virtuas Solutions has released Jtag and Jtagwireless which offers distinct packages for Community, Output, Object, Flow Control, Enterprise, Credit Card, LDAP, SQL and Wireless (WAP WML). You must register with Virtuas Community to download.


News : Expresso Framework 3.0 officially released

March 15, 2001
Jcorporate released Expresso Framework 3.0 Web Application Development (AD) Framework. Building on Sun’s standard APIs, Expresso provides standard Web application functionality such as configuration management, security, database objects (O/R mapping), database connection pooling, email connectivity, job control, logging, event notification, caching. internationalization, automatic form generation for database maintenance, EJB integration, XML import/export, and JSP tag library for accelerating GUI development.


News : Since January…

March 9, 2001
A lot has happened since the last news update on January 8th. This news item is an attempt to catch up since then.

In no particular order:

The Jakarta Project has added three new tag libraries: Application, JNDI and Page.

Links have been added in the Tag Libraries section for the Struts Framework tag libraries: Bean, HTML, Logic and Template.

Coldjava has added the following tag libraries: Cache, Cache-Off, Cookie, File, Link, Optimize, POP, Sendmail and WAP/DTD.

Joseph Ottinger has resurfaced with a new domain Epesh.com including new and improved tag libraries. Among them are: View, File, Form, Transform and Log. Joe is also one of the core developers of OpenSymphony, an Open Source project dedicated to providing enterprise class J2EE applications and components. OpenSymphony has three modules which include tag libraries: OSContent, OSCache and SiteMesh.

Mediasofx has released Intag, a collection of Java custom tags with the goal to provide a standard set of tags for server-side development using Java.

Stanley Santiago wrote Combine the Power of XPath and JSP tag libraries.

Casey Kochmer wrote An Introduction to JSP Tag Libraries.

Manowai Development has released JSPFrame, a JSP Tag based framework with support for stateful forms, data caching and reporting.

Oracle has developed the BC4J Data Tag Library which is included in Oracle JDeveloper.

A new tag library Data Aware Processing And Control Tags has been released. DAPACT are JSP tags for simplifying the display of dynamic content in JSP pages. It focuses on retrieving data to be displayed, iterating over that data, and in providing control tags for changing what displays.

JavaCorporate has redesigned their site and launched jcorporate.com.


News : Barracuda Presentation Framework (PR1)

January 8, 2001
Barracuda (formerly known as Rocks) is an open-source presentation framework designed to make it easier to build web applications using XMLC, DOM and servlet 2.2 technologies.

Barracuda provides a robust server side Event model along with basic Forms Mapping & Validation utilities. There is lots of documentation and a fairly significant “DiscRack” sample app that demonstrates how the Barracuda Model 2 presentation paradigm looks in real life.


News : Tomcat 4.0 beta 1 released

January 8, 2001
The newest release of Tomcat 4.0, beta 1, is now available at the Jakarta web site:

This release is the first in a series of betas that will lead to a production quality release of Tomcat 4.0 in the near future. At the same time, active development work on Tomcat 4.1 will begin.