News : New Jakarta Taglibs, JDBC and Scrape

March 22, 2001
The Jakarta Project has added two new tag libraries:

The JDBC Tag Library contains tags which can be used to read from and write to an SQL database.

The Scrape Tag Library can scrape or extract content from web documents and display the content in your JSP. For example, you could scrape stock quotes from other web sites and display them in your pages.


News : Sosnoski Tag Libraries 1.01

March 22, 2001
Sosnoski Software Solutions, Inc. (S3i) has released two new tag libraries:

The Property Value Tag Library provides basic support for working with named property values and row sets.

The Site Building Tag Library supports the use of an XML site definition file to define the structure of a web site. It also allows a static copy of the site to be constructed and saved, so that sites constructed with JavaServer PagesTM (JSPs) and other dynamic components can be served as static web pages.


News : Rickard Oberg released WebWork 0.95

March 21, 2001
Rickard Öberg, one of the main developers behind jBoss, has released WebWork, a web application framework for J2EE that includes a tag library. It is based on a concept called “Pull HMVC” (Pull Hierarchical Model View Controller).


News : Neus Lab announces Woolox 2D 1.0

March 21, 2001
Neus Lab announces Woolox 2D

The Woolox 2D library is a collection of custom JSP 1.1 tags, and a class library for dynamic image generation. It can produce images to be used in HTML, C-HTML (I-mode) and WML pages (WAP). The library includes server side JSP tags for easy graphics production. No Java programming skills are needed use it.

For more information about the Woolox 2D, please visit:
WEB: http://www.woolox.com/2d/
WAP: http://www.woolox.com/2d/index.wml


News : Component 2K IPCRACK

March 21, 2001
IPCRACK is a JSP tag and Java beans library designed to provide real time mapping of IP addresses to countries. It can determine if the IP address is from an academic institute like a university or college. It also provides functions to handle country codes and country names in HTML forms.