News : JSPTags.com celebrates it’s 1st birthday

March 29, 2001

Happy Birthday!

Exactly one year ago today JSPTags.com was brought to life after many hours of late-night caffeinated design and programming sessions. At it’s start, there were only a handful of JSP tag libraries. Now one year later, the Tag Libraries section contains nearly 80 tag libraries. The multitude and quality of tag libraries available today is certainly inspiring. Without all of the creative and hardworking tag developers, JSPTags.com would not be what it is today. Kudos to all those developers.


News : OpenSymphony OSCache 1.1 released

March 27, 2001
OpenSymphony OSCache 1.1 is now out and ready to download – featuring support for Servlet 2.2 containers, speed increases, bug fixes and more functions than ever before.


News : Coldjava releases 6 new taglibs

March 27, 2001
Coldjava has released 6 new tag libraries:

IfTags Conditional evaluation, flow-control.
IDTag Calculates unique ID.
Portal taglib Generates a “standard” portal view as a set of columns from the given pages (portlets).
Skip tag just skips the rest of your page
Redirect tag Redirects control to the specified URL with support for session ID encoding.
Copy tag Copies tag body into page scope variable.

News : Velocity v1.0 beta 2 Released

March 26, 2001
The Velocity project is pleased to announce the release of Version 1.0 beta 2, the second release candidate of the Velocity template engine.

Velocity is a powerful template engine written in Java and released as open-source software under the Apache Software License.

Designed to be used with any software written in Java, Velocity is a rich template facility based upon a simple and complete template language which allows easy access to application-provided data.

For more information, including the v1.0 beta 2 release of Velocity, please visit the Velocity home page.


News : Tomcat 3.2.2 beta 2 released

March 23, 2001
Tomcat 3.2.2 beta 2 release is now available for download.

Tomcat 3.2.2 contains bug fixes collected since the release of Tomcat 3.2.1. The bugs known to be fixed in this release as well as all known bugs and limitations are listed in doc/readme.

This second beta release contains several additional bug fixes since the first beta release. These fixes are mostly to improve compliance with the Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 specifications.

If no more critical bugs are found, this will become the basis for the final release of Tomcat 3.2.2 in approximately two weeks.