News : Xo3 OpenJODA Beta released

October 5, 2000
Xo3 OpenJODA Beta

OpenJODA is the Xo3 packaged version of various Java open-source projects (Apache Tomcat; Turbine and Jetspeed + JBOSS EJB container). OpenJODA is 100% Open-Source and will soon have the same functionnalities as a commercial J2EE application framework.


News : MyComponents.com $50,000 Web App Contest

October 5, 2000
Enter the MyComponents Contest

MyComponents.com has launched a Web Application Development contest with prizes totaling $50,000 including cash, PDAs and giant Tuxes.

The first stage of the contest (selection of the 4 best web apps) begun in September and will conclude at ApacheCon in London, October 25th.

Development phase of the winning projects will go on until the 31st of January, 2001 and will be driven through the development process of sourceXchange.com.


News : Article/Tutorial: Writing Custom JSP Tag Libraries

October 3, 2000
Writing Custom JSP Tag Libraries:
Learn how to abstract complex business logic from UI design
SYS-CON Interactive September 2000 by Adam Chance


News : JOT Servlets v0.94 preview released

October 3, 2000
JOT Object Technologies announces preview release 0.94 of JOT Servlets.

JOT Servlets is a framework for servlet development featuring a lightweight API, easy to use template language, software tools, and demonstration servlets.

NEW IN THIS VERSION: API changes to simplify applications and provide robust lifecycle management for JOT Servlet Beans. Revisions to the Programmers Guide to clarify the JOT Servlets Model-View-Controller (Model 2) design foundation. Revisions to the JOT Templates documentation, including more examples.


News : QARE Open Source XML/Java Portal Alpha released

October 2, 2000
QARE Open Source XML/Java Portal released

QARE is an XML/Java Portal, providing an easy-to-use platform for processing XML over HTTP–QARE runs as a simple Java Servlet. (QARE is pronounced “care”.)

QARE can handle any number of different markup languages. The type of markup language is specified in the file info portion of the URL used to invoke the servlet.

QARE (Alpha) is now complete, except for plugins (jar file extensions), though testing has been minimal. And documentation is currently limited to the API.