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News : Site upgrades

< jsp tags > The web site is in the process of being migrated to the latest stable versions of the Java Servlet & JSP APIs. Some things have broken in the process such as the search functionality. Hopefully this doesn’t cause any inconvenience as I get things back on track.


News : JSP Theme week at SitePoint.com

November 12, 2003
Our friends over at SitePoint.com are holding a theme week, dedicated solely to JSP. They are publishing new content on the topic on a daily basis, and there’s plenty to keep experts and novices alike busy.


News : Apache Jakarta Log Taglib 1.0 released

January 14, 2003
The Apache Jakarta Taglibs project announced the release of the Log Taglib. Version 1.0 of the Log Taglib is compiled against the latest version of Apache’s Log4j project [version 1.2.7] and provides access for JSP developers to write to application logs.


News : Struts 1.1 Beta 3 Released

January 2, 2003
The Struts team is proud to announce the release of Struts 1.1 Beta 3. This release includes significant new functionality, while retaining full backwards compatibility with earlier versions of Struts. It also incorporates fixes for a number of bugs which were reported against earlier versions.

binary distribution
source distribution
library distribution (contains updated binaries without the sample applications)
Details of the changes in this release are available in the Release Notes.


News : Pager Tag Library v2.0 released

December 22, 2002
The Pager Tag Library v2.0 has been released. This version includes many new features and is compatible with Tomcat 4.1.x and higher.

Features of this release include:

New pg:pager attributes: index, items, export and scope.

New tags: pg:page, pg:first, pg:last and pg:skip.

New export variables: itemCount, pageCount, firstItem and lastItem.

New flexible export variable declaration syntax.

Support for external index style pages.

Eight included re-usable index styles.

Support for indexes before items.

Support for multi-value request parameters.

Numerous performance optimizations including reduced object creation, improved class hierarchy and thorough finalization of methods and classes.

Compatibility with JavaServer Pages version 1.2 tag caching.


News : Jakarta Project adds 2 new Taglibs

April 11, 2001
The Jakarta-Taglibs project just released two more taglibs.

I18N tag library contains tags that help manage the complexity of creating internationalized web applications.

Mailer tag library is used to send e-mail.