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News : Site upgrades

< jsp tags > The web site is in the process of being migrated to the latest stable versions of the Java Servlet & JSP APIs. Some things have broken in the process such as the …


News : Coldjava releases DateTime and String Taglibs

April 9, 2001
Coldjava has released 2 new tag libraries:

DateTime prints formatted date/time value and can also store formatted date Strings in the page scope.

String features String manipulation, interpolation and …


News : JSPTags.com celebrates it’s 1st birthday

March 29, 2001

Happy Birthday!

Exactly one year ago today JSPTags.com was brought to life after many hours of late-night caffeinated design and programming sessions. At it’s start, there were only a handful …


News : New Jakarta Taglibs, JDBC and Scrape

March 22, 2001
The Jakarta Project has added two new tag libraries:

The JDBC Tag Library contains tags which can be used to read from and write to an SQL database.

The …


News : Virtuas Solutions Jtag and Jtagwireless

March 16, 2001
Virtuas Solutions has released Jtag and Jtagwireless which offers distinct packages for Community, Output, Object, Flow Control, Enterprise, Credit Card, LDAP, SQL and Wireless (WAP WML). You must register with …


News : DbForms Alpha released

January 5, 2001
DbForms Rapid Application Development (Alpha)

DbForms enables developers to build web-based database applications in very short time and with very little effort. DbForms – applications are built in a conceptually very similar …


News : Jakarta Taglibs Update

December 13, 2000
The Jakarta Taglibs Project has recently been overhauled with individual pages for each tag library and online documentation. There are also five new tag libraries.

BSF Taglib – The Bean Scripting Framework …


News : Tomcat 3.2 beta 7

November 13, 2000
An updated “beta 7” release of Tomcat 3.2 is available for download. Relative to “beta 6”, a very large number of bug fixes have been applied. If no more critical bugs …


News : Tomcat 4.0 Milestone 3 released

October 20, 2000
Tomcat 4.0 milestone 3 released

Compared to milestone 2, a number of new features have been added, and a large number of bugs have been fixed.


News …


News : Xo3 OpenJODA Beta released

October 5, 2000
Xo3 OpenJODA Beta

OpenJODA is the Xo3 packaged version of various Java open-source projects (Apache Tomcat; Turbine and Jetspeed + JBOSS EJB container). OpenJODA is 100% Open-Source and will soon have …